Zé Pierno & Hongsie Come to Dublin

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Wigwam last Thursday for our first gig with Namangaia of 2018.

We’re looking forward to a great year of new bands, guest teachers and DJs every two weeks.

Our Next Band: Zé Pierno!!!

Singer, musician and composer. Three words to define Zé Pierno. The self-thaught, 28, from Santo André/SP, who plays the accordion, appeared in the forró scene back in Brazil playing in bars in his hometown and he has been noticed even more in Europe and Asia, bringing forró to all the enthusiasts.

In Europe, he’s started playing with Trio Mais Um in Dublin, where he lived for three years and got into the european musical scene. Nowadays, he’s based in Barcelona, brings his joy and happiness to all forrozeiros around the old continent with or without Trio Mais Um. Songwriter of songs like Forró da Esmeralda and Voa Ave, he’s played in the first forró festival of Japan and Turkey as well as parties and festivals like England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece and so on.

E em Portugues:

Cantor, músico e compositor. Assim pode-se definir Zé Pierno. O autodidata, de 28 anos, da cidade de Santo André/SP que toca sua sanfona, entrou na cena do forró ainda no Brasil em bares de sua cidade natal e tem ganhado ainda mais notoriedade na Europa e Ásia, levando o forró para os que seguem e dançam o estilo musical e entusiastas.

Na Europa, iniciou com o Trio Mais Um em Dublin, onde viveu por três anos e entrou no cenário musical europeu. Hoje baseado em Barcelona, faz a alegria dos catalães todas as semanas e tem tocado em festivais pelo resto do velho continente com ou sem a nova formação do Trio Mais Um. Criador de músicas como o Forró da Esmeralda e Voa Ave, tocou no primeiro festival de forró do Japão e Turquia, assim como em festas e festivais de países como Inglaterra, Alemanha, França, Suiça, Suécia, Grécia, entre outros.

Preservando sua essência simples, José segue levando um forró alegre e pra cima em seus shows, conquistando cada vez mais amigos por onde passa com seu jeito carismático e humilde de ser.

And Before that, same day, same place… Hongsie Ladies Styling Intermediate class!

Hongsie (half German and half Native American), started dancing forró in Cambridge, England, end of 2015, where she quickly fell in love with forró. From March 2016, she started teaching with André Teles from Let’s Forró in Kaiserslautern, Germany. In September 2016 she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she started teaching forró by herself with a community called Bora Forró.

Now she lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has started teaching there as well with a new Bora Forró community since December and is hoping to help spread even more love and passion for forró. She has always been exposed to Native American music and dance whilst growing up. This has greatly influenced how she feels music and interprets it through her dancing, explaining one of Hongsie’s greatest forró loves: musicality – being led, not only by a leader, but also by the music itself with all its elements.

Her following style in forró is light and responsive often with a spark of creativity and self-leading if allowed by the leader, and her leading style is said to be very gentle and connecting to the follower and music with elements of impulses.

Men are welcome as well as much of ladies styling is about giving followers the space to express themselves, and this is a crucial skill for leaders in dance.

Spotlight on the ladies!

Let’s explore the possibilities of Ladies Styling! Hongsie will show you followers styling moves in body movements and the basic step, when to use these and most importantly hopefully help you find your own style! But leaders don’t run away! There’s a lot about ladies styling that you can learn as well: reaction, acknowledgement and how to empower the followers to spark their creativeness.

The workshop will be 90mins, from 7:30pm, and cost €10, after which there will be a DJ from 9pm to 10:30.