Free Forró Gigs in Wigwam Every Second Thursday

Hi Guys,

We’re back in Wigwam on Thursday Jan 25th as promised with Forró Namangaia. We have been working hard to bring you live music and new guest workshops from some of the best bands and teachers around Europe, while also cutting our costs to be more inclusive.

So we’re delighted that Namangaia will be playing their first FREE gig of 2018 on January 25th, followed by our old friend, Zé Pierno (José Roberto) of Trio Mais Um on Feb 8th.

On Feb 8th we also have a ladies workshop with Hongsie of Bora Forró all the way from Amsterdam. She will be providing an intermediate ladies workshop from 7:30pm. She is a highly respected dancer and teacher who has taught with Rodolfo of Forró de Domingo among others, having founded Bora Forró for our friends up in Edinburgh. The price is €10 and you can pay on the door.

On both nights the DJ will start at 9pm and Namangaia from approximately 10:15.

These are really big nights for forró. If we can pull a big crowd Wigwam will keep supporting us and we’ll be able to bring you live music every second week, including bands from around Europe and Namangaia, and all with FREE entry for good. On top of that, we will be bringing guest workshops at least once per month to keep the parties (and your moves) fresh and fun 🙂

So like and share the event with all of your friends and lets absolutely fill the place: