Forró Dublin Updates | Forró Dublin 2018 is on the way!!!

Forró Dublin Festival 2018

We’ve got big news this week. This Friday (Dec 1st) we’ll be releasing some details about the festival in 2018 and to celebrate we’ve created a festival teaser to get you all buzzed and give you something to share with your friends.

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Forró Dublin in Wigwam

This week we’re in Wigwam again, the basement, with DJ Danilão:

Entry: €3

Time: 9 – 11:45pm


There is now a Meetup group where all of the forró events will be posted. Even if you are a regular there is great value in going to the website and RSVPing the events because it shows new people on this platform that this is an active community. So please show your support for the classes and parties of Forró Ireland and Forró Dublin and click attending.

Forró in Ireland meet up

Dublin, IE
229 Forrózeiros

Hello Forrozeiros!  Welcome to Forró in Ireland!This group is for everyone who has an interest in Forró. o/ We want to provide you with all the information about what is h…

Next Meetup

Forro Fundamentals- Forro class- Brazilian Dance

Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017, 7:15 PM
4 Attending

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