Fábio Reis and Marilia Cervi Forró Ireland Workshop

On the 16th of April, Forró Ireland will be welcoming two outstanding forró dancers – Fábio Reis and Marilia Cervi.

They will be giving an intensive three-hour workshop sharing their passion for forró with our forrózeiros in Dublin.

Ireland based forrózeiros, both the long term forró addicts and the forró newbies, are looking forward to this great opportunity to warm up for our big event at the end of April!

Let’s brush up on our moves and get ready for some serious amount of dancing!

About Fábio and Marilia

Fábio and Marilia are both dance teachers and choreographers. They have been dancing forró and developing their dancing skills for fifteen and eight years respectively. Fábio is the winner of the Brazilian Forró Championship 2007 and 2008. Marilia won the same Championship in 2008 only six months after she started dancing.

In recent years, they have won several awards in both national and international dance festivals. They have travelled to many countries around the world involving hundreds of people in the joyful rhythms of forró.

Fábio and Marilia have developed an easy and relaxed way to dance, which has been attracting more and more students in the last few years.

Forró moderno, which is the style danced by Fábio and Marilia is a fusion of electronic forró with subtle moves and turns common in pé de serra. Due to this combination, forró moderno appears very dynamic and energetic.

Fábio and Marilia are already in Europe giving workshops to students across the Old Continent. On the 16th April 2016, they are coming to Ireland for the first time to meet our culturally diverse Forró Ireland community.

They will help our forrózeiros improve their dancing skills.  The duo will focus on teaching how to make a better connection with our partners on the dance floor and how to increase our body awareness. As the duo say, forró is much more than just turns and spins.

I asked Fábio and Marilia to give our forrózeiros some useful tips before the workshop. Here is what they said:

Tip for the men from Fábio

Dance simply and appreciate the hugs. Do less but do it better rather than more but of poor quality. 

Tip for the women from Marilia 

Do not depend on the man to dance well.  Develop a better awareness of  your role. Develop and master your basic steps to make the dance to be 50% of each partner. 


Fábio Reis and Marilia Cervi Forró Ireland Workshop

Saturday – 16th April 2016


The Worksman’s club

10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

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