Announcing our DJ: Chinedu!

We’re delighted to announce that a very passionate and dedicated member of the Forró community is giving us the pleasure of his company for the Forró Dublin Festival.

Chinedu loves old style, and he regularly puts together meetings to learn more about forró, so we’re really looking forward to bringing that element of history and tradition to the group, as forró is a rich culture as much as it is a dance.

Chinedu exhibits the best spirit of forró, raising money for charities in London through the forró parties he organises.

Story of Chinedu

Chinedu Gravata Okoye began to take an interest in Forró in January 2013. Starting off as an absolute beginner with no background in partner dancing, he fell drawn to the community aspect of Forró, the music and the positive attitude of all the forrozeiros he encountered. This fuelled his appetite for dance, travel, musical discovery and Forró friendship!

In London, he has DJ’d at Forró de Magnata, Forró do Galpão and Forró Family. He has also made a number of trips to Stockholm to DJ for their Wednesday night Forró event, Forró Vamos.

Chinedu has a huge passion for Forró and has invested his time in bringing the Forro community together through Summer events such as Outdoor Forró, The Forró City Exchange and also, starting a new weekly event, Forró in Floripa, which offers Footwork classes and parties every Sunday Afternoon!

Forró engages with music, people, movement and sharing positive energy. Once you are on the dancefloor, nothing else matters, it’s a beautiful thing! Movement is Life & Forró is For All!” – Chinedu Okoye

Chinedu posts #MusicMonday videos every Monday on the Forró in Floripa Facebook page. Like the page below and follow the music!

Forró in Floripa  –

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